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      "The Measure"

      Torul established themselves as one of the rare unpredictable electropop bands on the scene, always up for something new, seemingly never satisfied with just sticking to one formula or trying to do what others do.
      Torulsson, leader and producer of the band, was influenced by many music genres and other events in life and thus it's impossible for him not to be moving on to the next chapters of the project with curiosity, playfulness and also continuous exploration of the Torul sound.
      Although it's only been 5 years since the release of their debut (with a different singer), fans have been eagerly waiting for this album! The first single ‘All’ has been high on charts and caused a small sensation on the net with its disturbing and very emotional video.
      The Measure also includes astonishing artwork by Petra Prezelj, a unique and successful illus-trator from Slovenia, who seemed to be the best choice for a graphic translation of Torul's new dream world, not only putting in some of her own elements, but also developing a deep, myste-rious art piece, which will surely be enjoyed for a long time to come.
      ‘The Measure’ offers everything, from gloomy electro balads, tracks with an impressive impact and melancholic playfulness to songs full of magical, almost hypnotic power! ‘The Measure’ certainly stands out as a special piece of art and for sure the most mature Torul opus to date.
      In these times where (shortliving) singles prevail, ‘The Measure’ really feels like an album – and it’s very clear, that a lot of thoughts have been invested about its overall concept, resulting in an extremely pleasant and ‘complete’ listening experience!
      01 Lonely Night
      02 The Balance
      03 Higher
      04 Difficult to Kill
      05 All
      06 Hearts
      07 We grow
      08 Lost for You
      09 The More we are
      10 Discrepancy

    dkk 120/eur 16