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    "Garten Und Strassen "

    Label: Trisol Music (2020)

    "Gärten und Strassen" is the second instalment in a series of releases featuring exclusively martial ambient material and "industrial" collages, partially reminiscent of earlier ROME works such as "Hate Us and See if We Mind" (2013), "House of Stone" (2014) or parts of the "Die Aesthetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit" trilogy (2011). Whereas ROME's oeuvre usually features lots of guitar work, "Gärten und Strassen" focuses on complex industrial loops, unconventional bruitist arrangements and instrumental ambient collages.

    The images evoked by these martial soundscapes (mostly made of restored period audio material and found sounds) transport us back to Europe's blood-drenched past, when ideologies were battling each other to the death on European soil. This time the listener is dragged into the Parisian underworld under German occupation. Like Vergil in Dante's "Divina Commedia", an officer and flaneur with a strong affinity for the culture of the occupied territory leads us through the various circles of hell, a stroll through a burning city and the rebellious communist underground and the "salons" of the bohème. In the twilight between duty and doubt, death and dishonour.

    Tracklisting - Seite 1:
    Les Volontaires 1939
    La Gueule des Canons
    Derrière les Barricades
    Der Blütenkelch
    D'une Même Humanité
    Les Champs Perdus
    L'Espoir du Monde
    La Haine et le Rhin
    Der Flaneur
    La Jeunesse
    Gott ohne Reich
    Le Noble
    L' Ordre Nouveau

    Tracklisting - Seite 2:
    Von Stülpnagel
    Le Deuil
    La Pensée Nouvelle
    La Gloire
    Sur les Falaises de Marbre
    Soldats et Croyants
    Stahl und Stein
    Der Arbeiter
    La Grande Trahison
    Le Rêve survit

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