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    The Present Moment

    Label: Oraculo Records

    Based in Los Angeles, The Present Moment achieves a stunning hybridation and an infectious blend of dense cold-wave’s electro grooves, cyclical droning interferences, vigorous epic industrialism, dolorous nocturne-goth weirdness superbly sustained by a seductive eighties flavor. Ritualistic in nature, the whole musical trip offers a dark, delightful and rather unique breathtaking atmosphere, sometimes revealing enthralling lysergic electro-ambiences. The Present Moment is situated in an in-between and non stabilized musical region which authorizes astonishing connections.
    SPLIT is their latest offering recorded between the summer and fall of 2018 in Los Angeles and Germany with producers Jason Dunn and Phillipp Munch keeping in the style of synth pop, minimal expression and moving into uncharted territory exploring a more guitar based sound merged with electronics.
    1.Red Salve 01:59
    2.Waiting 04:39
    3.Remember You 04:57
    4.New Day ( In Another Dimension ) 04:36
    5.Running For Miles 04:50
    6.Looking In 04:41
    7.Lights Go Down 03:41
    8.Piece Of You 04:13

dkk 180/eur 24