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Lebanon Hanover
Let Them Be Alien
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    Mind In A Box
    "Broken Legacies "

    Label: Thyx Records (2017)

    On October 13th, the Austrian technopop band, mind.in.a.box, will release their seventh studio album: Broken Legacies. Mind.in.a.box mixes detailed, progressive, electronic music, throughout the narrative of a cyberpunk epic. The new album is fourteen tracks in length, and clarifies several major elements of the plot that began in 2004, through both audio tracks, and the additional story elements that will be found in the liner notes.

    01 Evasion
    02 Overwrite
    03 The Fall
    04 Coming Down
    05 Ockham's Razor
    06 Icebox
    07 Attack
    08 Glory Days
    09 The Time Has Come
    10 Arcade
    11 World of Promises
    12 Paranoia
    13 Don't Sleep
    14 Command: Decod

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