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    Ruined Conflict
    "Labeled Enemy"

    Ruined conflict return with a 333 piece limited full 9 track e.p. under the title 'labeled enemy'! 'As we move on to the making of the new album we want to give a taste of the transition in style and push myself as a composer and vocalist. we want to keep the melodic side of us but make everything much more aggresive, the same goes for vocals. T think as a band we are starting to find our selves and have learned more about who we are and stand for and has made us better musicians.' is how xavier morales describes his new release. The first track 'fallen caliphate' is a beatiful piece that when i listen to it , takes me back to the warning that has led us to where we are today in government and war. I find it sad and hard to believe that our world has only become worse and continues to do so month after month... The second track 'anonymous' is a track the sybolizes us the people , protesting against what is wrong with the system and the change is a must. We don't promote violence or rioting but we do promote speaking out vocally in what you believe is right . Freedom of speech is, I think, the most effective way to make a point and results are much better then war. The third track 'labeled enemy' talks about many being targeted and slipping into a system that has been in place to limit us and force us to beleive we cant survive and that we have to rely on government for assistance . Now we know this is true but the point is, we should only be the ones who decide what is right and wrong for ourselves and our families. The fourth track 'road home' is about finding a place of solidute and peace of mind. Searching for that road that can bring me to understanding myself and who i have become. The track is a very unique style and adding guiatrs on this track I think compliment the track very well.
    The last track 'jack and coke' is a cool little number that takes off from the song ' war sequencer ' groovy and powerfull club track and a perfect way to start off a party. This ep features four awesome track remixes based on the main track 'labeled enemy' and every remixer did what i hoped they would do and that's to give it there own style and make it there own. 'We hope you truly enjoy the new meterial and we hope to continue growing and for all of you to continue growing with us.'

dkk 50/eur 7