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It Will Come To You
VNV Nation
That Beast
Raison D´etre
Gold Und Liebe
Binary Park
Life On Lines
White Birches
When The Street Call
Urheimat Neugeburt
Urheimat Neugeburt

      Lebanon Hanover
      "Babes Of The 80s (Vinyl) "

      Label: Fabrika Records (2016)

      It has been a year since Lebanon Hanover showed us a place “Besides the abyss,” their brilliant fourth studio album. As the withdrawal symptoms we feel due to our addiction to this band started to threaten our existence, they return to offer us once again their heart and soul in the form of a 12’’ maxi-single. Feelings close to misanthropy, disappointment, lack of communication and trust in social and personal relationships are the main ingredients of this record, which are combined with the most wonderful melodies and the heavenly voices of Larissa and William. These songs evoke a unique tenderness that overshadows the sadness, a power that takes us by the hand and leads us to the dancefloor. And this is the magic power of Lebanon Hanover, a band with a strong message towards/against society that makes us want to dance to its melancholy. “The Babes of the 80’s” changes both their musical and aesthetical style and LH surprise us once again by showing us a new aspect of their artistic creation.
      A1 Babes of the 80's (Original) [5:41]
      A2 I have a Crack [4:22]
      B1 Babes of the 80's (She Past Away mix) [6:01]
      B2 Babes of the 80's (Tobias Bernstrup Mix) [4:58]

    dkk 100/eur 14