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Club Braincorp. & Tamotua Present:

Triarii (D) Desiderii Marginis (S) DJ´s
Lygten Station, Lygten 2, 2400 CPH NV
Doors are open: 21.00-03.00. Price: 110,- + fee

BilledeLook forward to a musical bombardment when German Triarii takes the stage. Triarii is bombastic; dark and beautiful classic resonnance combined with rhythmic percussion and industrial sounds. It is heavy, complex and rhythmic. The audience can expect to be immerged in an overwhelming and beautiful soundscape, which is also very danceable.
Triarii is one of the most interesting and innovative bands on the absolute front line of the European Post-Industrial scene. Triarii has released four strong albums since the debut in 2004. Christian Erdmann is the man behind Triarii, and percussionist Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe will be joining him on stage. Van Meirhaeghe has previously visited Denmark with Empusae and Tzolk'in.
Triarii is akin to bands like In Slaughter Natives, Death in June, Laibach, In The Nursery and The Protagonist.
Desiderii Marginis
Since the debut in 1997 on the legendary label Cold Meat Industry Swedish Desiderii Marginis has become one of the most prominent acts in dark ambient and neo-classical with no less than 8 released albums. With sinister but beautiful filmic soundscapes in the vein of, among others, Lustmord, Brighter Death Now, Deutsch Nepal and In Slaughter Natives, the mastermind behind Desiderii Marginis, Johan Levin, seduces the listener with his very own, special and intense atmosphere.

It has been 5 years since Desiderii Marginis’s latest performance in Denmark, at that time together with Steinkind and Kirlian Camera, so we are very pleased that we finally can present him in Copenhagen again.
Desiderii Marginis latest release is the double album Hypnosis that is out on the label Cyclic Law, the label who also houses Arcana among others.