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Club Braincorp. Presents:

Velvet Acid Christ (US) No Latency (N/US)
Lygten Station, Lygten 2, 2400 CPH NV
Doors are open: 21.00-03.00. Price: 130,- + fee

BilledeA long, long time ago in the year 2000 when Velvet Acid Christ was on a big tour in Europe, it was close that Velvet Acid Christ played in Copenhagen, but it never happened, so far VAC have
only played one show in Scandinavia, last year when they visit Oslo for the Xelebration festival.
After many, many years, nearly 2 decades, it will finally happen in March 2017 when VAC is
on Danish soil for the first time. There´s no doubt this will be a blast we have been wating for so long.
As support for VAC is the cult Industrial/EBM band Nolacency hailing from the infamous town
Trondheim in Norway. This will be Nolacency´s first show outside Norway and the US.

Velvet Acid Christ:
VAC was formed in 1990 by singer and musician Bryan Erickson, since then VAC have got different members in the band. Through the years VAC have a released a lot of albums on the famous label Off Beat and Metropolis Records, the break through album was "Calling Av Dead" from 1997 include the massive club hit Malfunction.
In 1999 we got the masterpiece "Fun With Knives" an album where there´s sampled a lot from the
famous Terry Gilliam movie "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" with Johnny Deep. "Fun With Knives" is a classic album nowadays. Since 1999 VAC have released a lot of good albums "Twisted
Thought Generator", "Lust For Blood", "Maldire", and the latest album "Subconscious Landscapes"
which show an excellent mix of dark Industrial/EBM with some IDM influences. A while ago
VAC released the album "Greatest Hits"
It´s a honor for our club to host a VAC show for the first time, something we have been waiting
for in many, many years!!!!

Nolacency consists of our brother Geir Hindrum, who´s one of the 3 infamous Hindrum brothers from Trondheim. Geir was living for many years in the USA where he formed the Dark EBM band Nolacency. In USA Nolacency have played concerts, and worked with the band called Dedicated Hardware.
In 2014 Geir moved back to Norway and played the Hindrem Nedre festival, and a few months
ago Nolacency played at the Hellfire´s Club 10 year anniversary party. Nolacency is choosen to support VAC, because of their music style, Nolacency is band that will fit perfect to VAC´s amazing Dark Industrial/EBM.