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Club Braincorp. Presents:

Neonsol Release Party
Underhuset, Halmtorvet 9, CPH V
Doors are open: 21.00-03.00. Price: 70,- + fee

BilledeNeonsol are releasing the long-awaited follow-up to their 2014 debut "Ecliptic" this September, in the form of an 8-track EP, titled "Another Day". Come celebrate with us at Underhuset, along with special guests Gelting and Vieon. The latter will be flying over from Manchester, England, to support the event with their first show ever outside the UK! Local synth nerds Gelting will treat you to their own brand of trippy, cinematic electronica, and DJ Adrian Brian Thompson (Analogue Trash Records, UK) will also be providing beats, along with one of our Resident DJs.

This is our first event at Underhuset. If we get a positive response, we may be doing more events there in the future!

Neonsol is a Danish/Canadian project that came into being in 2009.
The expression is electronic with references to a range of different genres, including synth, futurepop, industrial and the like. The group is fronted by lead vocalist Nina Io, supplemented by Jesper Io on vocals and keyboard as well as Frédéric Scarfone on synths and live drums. Reviewers have described the music as dark, dreamy and danceable.
Neonsol is signed to the Manchester based indie label AnalogueTrash Records, who released the bands first single 'Citadel' in the summer of 2014 and later the same year released the first full album 'Ecliptic'. On September 1st 2017 the new EP 'Another Day' will be released.
Neonsol have performed live at numerous occasions in the Copenhagen area, but have also played shows in Norway, Sweden, at SPOT Festival and several times in the United Kingdom.

Vieon (UK)
"With influences from 1970s synthpop pioneers such as Jarre and Kraftwerk filtered through the cinematic soundscapes of 1980s electronic film scores, Vieon takes the sounds of the analogue past and dystopian future and blends them together with catchy synth hooks, bass grooves and epic solos to create evolving, emotive and spacey electronic music that will move you."

Gelting is a new Danish band who makes music inspired by movies and classic synth-themes. Thus Gelting's unique analogue synthesizer music brings i.e John Carpenter's horror and sci-fi themes to mind. Gelting are the brothers Mikkel and Mads Gelting and they have promised to deliver a special hard and energetic live set this evening.
Written by Tommy B-Kuhlmann