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Club Braincorp. Presents:

The Juggernauts Elegant Machinery
Lygten Station, Lygten 2, 2400 CPH NV
Doors are open: 20.00-03.00. Price: 130,- + fee

BilledeClub Braincorp. is ready with a concept event dedicated to Old School EBM & Synth Pop. An event our audience has asked for a long time! Both bands are booked for the event, the high acclaimed Old School EBM band the Juggernauts hailing for the home country of EBM.
We are happy to announce that Swedish Synth Pop band Elegant Machinery is playing.
It will be their first show in Copenhagen ever, maybe they played here at the venue Barbue 25 years ago, but we aren´t sure. This will be a blast of a double headliner show!

The Juggernauts (B):
The Juggernauts was formed in Belgium in 2010. Afterwards The Juggernauts got signed to the famous record label Out Of Line (home of Hocico, Suicide Commando, Jäger 90, Combichrist and many others). In 2013 The Juggernauts released the EP Phoenix and last year the debut album "The Juggernauts Are Coming" shows that The Juggernauts is one of the best bands in the Old School EBM genre. An album packed with danceable tunes that kicks serious ass, potential club hits like "Plastic World", "Phoenix" and "Purge", songs with a lot of power and energy.
The Juggernauts has been touring with the famous Belgian band Dive, beside that the have played at Out Of Line Weekender festival, Infest Festival in the UK.
The Juggernauts is without a doubt inspired by the old heroes like Front 242, Die Krupps, DAF, Nitzer, but still they have created their own unique sound.
Elegant Machinery (S/DK):
The Swedish Synth Pop band Elegant Machinery was formed in 1989 and appeared on the famous Depeche Mode tribute "I Sometimes Wish I was Famous" on Energy Rekords. After Elegant Machinery got signed on the famous label Energy Rekords were they released their debut album in 1992 called "Process". Afterwards everything went fast for Elegant Machinery, they were on big European tours, and released 4 albums through the years, and huge amount if EP´s. The lastest album from Elegant Machinery was released in 2008 on the Out Of Line records. Since then the band has been quiet.
This year Elegant Machinery released a new EP called 1, and got reformed with the original singer Robert Enforsen, and 2 members from the famous Danish/German band Lights Of Euphoria, Jimmy Machon & Thomas Gaarn. Elegant Machinery played this year at the NCN festival in Germany near Leipzig and in 2018 Elegant Machinery will play in Berlin at a open air festival, together with Solitary Experiments, T.O.Y more.
This will without a doubt be a speciel show when Elegant Machinery plays their 1st show in Copenhagen, or their 1st show in 25 years in Copenhagen :)