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Club Braincorp. Presents:

Black Lung Cervello Elettronico DJ JuDas
Lygten Station, Lygten 2, 2400 CPH NV
Doors are open: 21.00-03.00. Price: 100,- + fee

BilledeAfter a while with a lot of EBM/Synth events is Club Braincorp. ready with a pure Industrial/Techno/IDM event for you, this time a true legend is coming to Copenhagen, the high acclaimed act Black Lung from Australia who is doing a small tour in Europe, it´s rare
that Black Lung is in Europe. Last time was in 2015 were he played an amazing show at WGT in Leipzig. There´s no doubt that this will be an extra ordinary show for the first time in Denmark and in Scandinavia. To join our event we have invited the amazing American project Cervello Elettronico who is singed to the famous label Hands (also the home of Monolith, Winterkälte, Orphx, Ontal, Mono No Aware and many others). This will be Cervello Elettronico´s second show
in Denmark and Scandinavia.
Beside that we have invited DJ JuDas who´s from the UK, but is living in Sweden, Malmö.

Black Lung (AUS):
Black Lung was formed in 1994 by the Australian musician David Thrussell who is also well known for the project Snog. Black Lung has released a lot of albums, in the 90´ties Black Lung was
signed to the label Nova Zembla, and has released a album on Ad Noiseam (known for Igorrr).
The latest albums are released on the famous label Ant Zen (also home of Iszoloscope, Synapscape, Sonic Area, Hologram_, and many others)
Through the years Black Lung has released a lot of great albums, where albums like "The Coming Dark Age", "Full Spectrum Dominance" and "The Great Golden Goal" stands like masterpieces.
Black Lung´s sound can be described as melodic IDM that meets Industrial Techno with some Old School Synth influences, a very danceable sound. There´s no doubt that this will be a chance to see an act that has inspired a lot of bands in the scene.

Cervello Elettronico:
Cervello Elettronico was formed in 2001 by David Christian after a few self releases David got signed to the American label Crunch Pod were he released 2 albums. After a compilation on the Italian label Rustblade Cervello Elettronico got singed to the famous label Hands, a label that has
a lot of quality bands like Monolith, Winterkälte, Orphx, Ontal, Mono No Aware to mention a few
of them.
On the last 2 albums released on Hands called "Anima Meccanica" & "Logical Fears", Cervello Elettronico went a more melodic and danceable way, nowadays is more the popular growing music
genre Industrial Techno. There is no doubt that Cervello Elettronico fits perfect to Black Lung´s music, it will be a great evening.

DJ JuDas (S/UK):
DJ JuDas is original from the UK, but has lived in Malmö, Sweden for a while. DJ JuDas is a well known person as his the main promoter of the festival in Malmö called Electri-Xmas, beside that his
one of the resident DJ at the famous club in London called Slimlight. DJ JuDas was also a part of the Re-Form club in Malmö. This will be DJ JuDas second appearance in Copenhagen ever. He will be spinning a lot great music like IDM, Industrial/Techno, Rhythm ´N` Noise, Industrial/EBM.