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Club Braincorp. Presents:

Suicide Commando (B) Bionic Bitch
Salen, Rentemestervej 76, 2400 CPH NV
Doors are open: 21.00-03.00. Price: 160,- + fee

BilledeIt´s a long time ago we have got some harsh Industrial/EBM on the program, it´s over 2 years ago when Suicide Commando´s label mates Hocico played here in Copenhagen at the venue Lygten. We are really to give you some hard Industrial again in June when Suicide
Commando returns to Copenhagen after nearly 8 years of absence. Suicide Commando played also at the legendary Das Boot Festival at MS Stubnitz in 2006. The Danish Old School EBM formation Bionic Bitch will play as support.

The show will be held at Salen where there was Dark Market last year, a venue with a great PA system and great lights. It will be the first time Club Braincorp. is doing a show at Salen, but the venue has the right atmosphere for this kind of
music, We look forward to the challenge!

Suicide Commando:
Suicide Commando alias Johan Van Roy started to make music in 1986, in 1988 Johan released his first tape under the name Suicide Commando. In 1994 Suicide Commando released his famous album Critical Stage on the famous label Off Beat.
The 3rd album Construct - Deconstruct was a big succes for Suicide Commando, an album include the floor fillers "Better Off Dead", "Desire". 2 years after Suicide Commando released his huge breakthrough album "Mindstrip" include Hellraiser which became a massive
club hit. After "Mindstrip" Suicide Commando have released a lot of remarkable albums.

Last year Suicide Commando released his latest album "Forest Of The Impaled" an albumthat still shows that Suicide Commando is one of the best making harsh Industrial/EBM.
At the show here in Copenhagen, there will be a chance to listen some songs from the latest album and some the classic club hits. Suicide Commando will release a new EP soon called "Death Will Find You"

Bionic Bitch:
Is an Industrial/EBM trio formed in Copenhagen around 2010 and constists of Used (singer), Ptr (drums) and Jspr (keys). In 2011 Bionic Bitch released their debut album "White Trash" which has cult status nowadays. White Trash is an album packed with good Old School EBM tunes. Bionic Bitch appears also on the famous Cyberworld XX with the song "Sinners" that shows a bit more modern sound from Bionic Bitch.
2 years ago Bionic Bitch kicked serious ass n stage when the supported almighty Hocico when they played here in March 2016.
Bionic Bitch released their latest EP called "Off" in June last year that shows that they still are a great band. Bionic Bitch will also a appear with a track on the forthcoming Danish Electro compilation 2.When Bionic Bitch is supporting Suicide Commando in will be their first show in Copenhagen in over 2 years.