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Club Braincorp. Presents:

Ash Code Totem DJ Geza
Lygten Station, Lygten 2, 2400 CPH NV
Doors are open: 21.00-03.00. Price: 90,- + fee

BilledeClub Braincorp. is ready with the last event in 2018, this time we go in another as we have book the Post Punk sensation from Italy, who is playing their 2nd show in Copenhagen ever. As opening act the Danish
band Totem is playing one of their rare show. Beside that we will have a special Guest DJ Geza this evening/night.

Ash Code:
The Italian Post Punk band Ash Code was formed in 2014, they have already released high acclaimed albums on their backs and vast gigs experience at clubs and festivals across the world they have carved out a special place in the shadowed hearts of contemporary Post Punk people.

Ash Code 3rd full-length album "Perspektive", consisting of 11 tracks about stories of the past and of an hypothetical dystopian future to pinpoint the void and issues of contemporary society: tech slavery, keyboard warriors, frozen hearts, corrupted art, broken promises, but envisioning a slight possibility of redemption.
The band marked down "We believe that every point of view is worthy of respect, every personal 'perspective'. Ethical law is ‘respect’ par excellence, which originates from an empathetic feeling towards the others. If we learn to perceive each and every other person, even different species, while remaining ourselves, there won’t be anything negative in that".
This time the band has entrusted Doruk Ozturkcan (She Past Away) with the task of mixing and mastering to his tastes accordingly and the LP cover is an interpretation of the concept behind the work made by Sandra Roczeń.
The album is enriched with remixes by artists of the electronic, darkwave and industrial scene:
Agent Side Grinder, Hante, We Are Temporary, The Ne-21, She Pleasures Herself and Selfishadows.
Ash Code got recently signed to the biggest in Industrial/EBM, Post Punk/Darkwave label in the world Metropolis Records.

Mixing genres such as post-punk, wave, industrial and synth-pop into heavy synth-laden songs, Totem is the sound of catharsis. Dealing with the drama of life and death, loss, illness and eventually cleansing, the music is inherently raw, dark and intense, yet absolutely melodic.
Totem consists of Christoffer Bagge (vocals/Guitar) & Trine Echidna (Keyboard), Christoffer is well known for his engagement in the Copenhagen scene as a promoter for the clubs Totentanz and Klub Æter, as well as for fronting the Copenhagen dark punk band Metro Cult. Now on his own, he is expanding his sound, mixing the sounds of Berlin's electronic underground with the Copenhagen alternative rock scene.

DJ Geza:
Hailing from Copenhagen is the well known DJ Geza (Club Æter/Ex. Totentanz) who will be spinning a lot of great music for us, music genres like Post Punk, Darkwave, Industrial Techno, Electro, Old School EBM and more.