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Club Braincorp. Presents:

Melotron (D) AEX DJ
Lygten Station, Lygten 2, 2400 CPH NV
Doors are open: 21.00-03.00. Price: 120,- + fee

BilledeClub Braincorp kicks off 2019 in a big, kickass way with the booking of Melotron, the successful Synth Pop band from Germany who are finally back in Copenhagen after a 15-year absence, their last show being back in September 2004... MUCH too long ago! Melotron is back with an exciting new album, "Für Alle".

The rising Danish band AEX are the opening act for Melotron. The event will mark AEX´s release party for their highly-danceable debut album, "Lost in Infinity", on the Danish record label called Læbel. We are working on a DJ for the event to deliver a great Synth/EBM party!

The German Synth/EBM act Melotron was formed in 1995 in the city Neubrandenburg, which is situated between Berlin and Rostock. In 1999, Melotron released their debut called "Mörderwerk" on the legendary label Zoth Ommog where their first hit, "Der Meister", became a massive club favourite. After the label Zoth Ommog closed down, Melotron released one album on Bloodline, after which they got signed to the Synthetic Symphony label. Now Melotron are on the famous label Out Of Line. Through the years, Melotron have released seven albums and have created a lot of club hits like "Dein Meister", Tanz Mit Dem Teufel", "Der Anfang", "Das Herz", "Stuck In The Mirror", and "Menschen" from Melotron´s new album, "Für Alle". Here´s your chance to see Melotron in Copenhagen for the first time in 15 years! Don't miss out!

The opening act for Melotron is the up-and-coming Danish Synth/Future Pop act AEX. The singer is Laura Noszczyk, who was a member of the successful Indie bands Yellowish and Machinery Of Joy. Laura is also well-known for her new ethereal-electronica project called Solyara. For AEX, Laura joined Steffen Rasmussen who composes the music and plays the keyboards live. AEX have already established themselves on the Danish Synth scene, playing support for great bands like Solar Fake and Agent Side Grinder from Sweden, and most recently Vive La Fête from Belgium. AEX also appear on the Danish Electro 1 Compilation CD, and recently got signed to Leæther Strip and Mirland´s label “Laebel”, which will release their debut album entitled "Lost in Infinity" on March 15th at this Braincorp event. This will be a chance to get your hands on their entrancing new electro-dance album for the first time!

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