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Club Braincorp. Presents:

God Module (US) Hell:Sector (N) DJ
Lygten Station, Lygten 2, 2400 CPH NV
Doors are open: 21.00-03.00. Price: 110,-+ fee

BilledeIt´s a long time ago we have hosted a harsh Industrial/EBM band at one of our events, it was last year in June when we had Suicide Commando, again we are back to the roots with a show with one of the bigger Industrial/EBM bands in the world, the American band God Module who will play their first show in Copenhagen in 15 years, last time was back in 2004 when they played here in
Copenhagen with Decoded Feedback at the venue Krudttønden.
God Module is on European tour where Copenhagen will be the only Scandinavian show.
We´re working on the support band.

God Module:
The American Industrial/EBM band God Module was formed in the end of the 90´ties. In the year 2000 they released their debut album called "Artificial" an album that took the scene by storm with the 2 big club hits "Companion" and "Illusion", everything when fast after the debut album, since the debut album in the year 2000 God Module has released a lot of remarkable albums, 7 in total, their lastest album "Prophecy" still show that God Module is one of the best bands in the dark and harsh Industrial/EBM genre.
God Module will soon release their new album called "The Unsound" on Infacted Recording (Europe) & Metropolis Records (USA), before that two digital singles are released from the forthcoming album, "Unsound" and "Cross My Heart".
Last year God Module played a hell of a show at the Agra Hall at the WGT festival infront of 5000 - 6000 people, a show that shows that God Module is still great live! Great ready
for some danceable, dark and harsh Industrial/EBM.
Hell:Sector (N):
Norway's industrial/aggrotech/metal act Hell:Sector is known for their hard hitting aggresive live shows. Heavy electronics, detuned guitars and violent screams about corrupt leaders, toxic religion, crowd mentality and the dark side of humanity, that shreds our world apart.

The band started out having their debut track God Saves featured on the now cult sampler Endzeit Bunkertracks, released by Belgian label Alfa Matrix. A track swinging punches at religion used as a propaganda tool and destruction done in gods name. Since then Hell:Sector has done several remixes (for bands like Alien Vampires, Armageddon Dildos, Zombie Girl ), had more tracks on samplers such as Endzeit Bunkertracks, Electronic Saviors and Terror Night, played festivales and club showes and released an ep trilogy formed by the eps The Rise Of The Apocalypse, The Violent Breed and their latest release Doombringer, witch was released through American label DSBP records.
Now, finaly, it`s time to bring the apocalypse to Denmark and Copenhagen for the very first time!
DJ Shami Morxxx:
DJ Shami Morxxx is hailing from Peru, but is living here in Copenhagen, DJ Shami Morxxx had
his DJ debut at the event in March with Melotron & AEX, he did such a good job that we have asked his to come and DJ again. DJ Shami Morxxx is also well known for his radioshow Area 669 which is broadcasted at 21.00 CET. Expect a lot of harsh Industrial/EBM, Synth Pop/Future Pop, Synthwave, Cyber Industrial!