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Pouppee Fabrikk
Pouppee Fabrikk
Pouppee Fabrikk
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The Birthday Massacre
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Hocico- Los Días Caminando En El Fuego

Billede20 years of Hocico! 20 years of walking through fire! 20 years of raising voices to bark against all the shit in the world! 20 years of unique and fat Electro-sounds! “Los Días Caminando En El Fuego” celebrates a band that has single-handedly set new benchmark superlatives when it comes to Hard-Electro-sounds and that is a massive influence on an entire genre! A band that has spawned dozens or maybe even hundreds of epigones and that has put Mexico on the map for innovative and harsh electronic music. A band that has not bowed to anyone for 2 decades and that still sticks an angry fist in the face of global and human evils. It would certainly not be fitting to celebrate Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam who have created an output of such relevance for the global Electro scene with a mere, hastily plastered-together “best of”-compilation. It was thus a perfect coincidence that Racso discovered a treasure trove of dozens not finalized songs from the early days of the band when he repaired and reactivated the trusty old Yamaha workstation on which Hocico had recorded all their old material. How could you better celebrate two decades of band history than with a trip to the past? Driven by enthusiasm, Erk and Racso set to work at their old sound factory to put the finishing touches on these treasures from the past and to merge previously unheard gems from the past with today’s experience on “Los Días Caminando En El Fuego.” The result is a massive milestone of an album filled with full frontal electronic assaults that will not have to fear comparison with any of the group’s early classics: 15 tracks of vintage Hocico presented in the audio quality of today, plus the completely new song “Thy Kingdom Come!” For the diehard fans, the inner circle of “Hocicones”, the band has prepared a real treasure.
Please note that the release will be available as 2CD and a limited box.
Out 30-08-2013
Source: Out Of Line

Autoclav1.1 - Portents Call

BilledeWith Autoclav1.1‘s 7th album ‘Portents Call‘, proliferant Tony Young offers his listeners a cross-pollination of genres that pushes the envelope of his signature sound by stepping confidently forward with another engaging new collection of songs.
Airy atmospheres, evocative vocals, subtle orchestral movements, and symmetrical synthlines blend together over gritty and addictive broken beatwork to create a dense and engaging listening experience. ‘Portents Call‘ deploys a contrasting blend of organic and mechanical overtures along with a seamless integration of punchy polyrhythms, inter-spliced with roomy atmospheres and strong piano melodies.
Watery kaleidoscopic undertones meet bassy synthlines as refreshing and uplifting atmospheres hover just above the dense and distorted movements beneath. Well-placed sonic artefacts lend a strong element of depth as atmospheric interludes break apart and reform into tight, melodious tunes.
‘Portents Call’" bravely travels to the edge of consciousness and evokes feelings both feverish and profoundly calming. A portentous journey of conjugated sounds and emotions.
Available July 30th, 2013 on 6-panel digipak CD featuring artwork by Salt and mastered by Alexander Dietz.
Out 30-07-2013

Pride And Fall - Of Lust And Desire

BilledeFor almost six years it was very silent about the norwegian future-pop-darlings Pride And Fall. After the scandinavian trio brought Future Pop back to life with their dark electronic album “In My Time Of Dying”, the curtain fell for more than half a decade.
The three men including singer Sigve Monsen took their time off to be there for their families after they all became fathers almost simultaneously. But in 2011 the call of music became louder and Pride And Fall got together on writing new songs. More than two years in the making they now almost finished their album and are scheduling the release of their new longplayer titled “Of Lust And Desire”.
To top off the long wait the first edition of the album will be released in a cool limitied digi-pack.
Out 30-08-2013
Source: Dependent

Amduscia - Filofobia

BilledeMexico attacks! Amduscia are back! And the band around shouter and stage-berserker Polo is bringing you the massive new album “Filofobia”, a thunderstorm of hard beats, ultra-low-end bass and aggro-screams, masterfully augmented by catchy and fat Electro-soundscapes and cynically evil lyrics. Industrial + Trance + a healthy dose of madness = Psycho-Trance … and never before have the Mexican psychos driven their characteristic trademark sound to such utter perfection as on this latest onslaught of sound.
“Filofobia” is a term that describes the fear of love and it is quite a fitting title for an album that gives fear, hatred and violence one of the most creative club-treatments, ever. The brutality of Mexican everyday life is discharged in unbridled aggression and a thudding bass inferno, with the melodic Trance-influence providing an effective counterpoint that amplifies the electronic punch in your face manifold, quite like eating a bitter or sour fruit will leave a harsher impact if alternated with something sweet. Fear and anger have always been powerful motivators … and, on “Filofobia”, Amduscia have been more creative to better effect than ever before. Therefore, the new album of the Mexican cult group is released as a limited first edition double CD, sporting a bonus album that contains 9 more new, unreleased and extremely club-friendly excesses from the darkest abysses of the human nature. Dance with your hatred … this is Psycho-Trance-madness!
Out 19-07-2013
Source: Out Of Line

ESA - Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 2: Deceit

BilledeESA returns with part two of his conceptual album series 'Themes of Carnal Empowerment'. Continuing where ‘Pt. 1: Lust’ left off, ESA once again offers a powerful rhythmic noise assault spanning 11 hard hitting new industrial tracks. From the very start, the album charges forward with one breathless sonic cavalcade after another from throbbing basslines and guttural vocals to funk laden breakbeats and feverish pounding beats. Always engaging and never disappointing, ESA skillfully executes another vigorous collection that aligns his focus not just on mere rhythmic structures and harsh beats, but masterfully injects a rare creative depth and serendipitous atmospheric climate into his works that ultimately sets him apart from the crowd. This is ESA's finest hour.
Mastered by Yann Faussurier (Iszoloscope) with layout by Robert Lioy (Access To Arasaka).
Available on 6-panel digipak CD and digital formats June 18th, 2013.
Out 18-06-2013
Source: Tympanik Audio

Funker Vogt - Companion In Crime

BilledeGerman Electro-legend Funker Vogt releases the long-awaited new album “Companion In Crime”: a massive decibel-attack of fat beats, fortright shouts and hard, yet catchy tunes. All is new, prepare for the storm! Funker Vogt are back and they are not here for idle small talk. “Companion In Crime” is electronic music: raw, harsh, straightforward, radical, honest and right in your face! On their eagerly awaited new album, the lads go straight for the very essence of their sound. What remains is pure Funker Vogt, meaning: beats and bass rule, there are lots of references to the virtues of good old EBM and Jens Kästel is shouting out his guts like there is no tomorrow. The lyrics are quite frequently held in the band’s native German language and are more direct and controversial than ever. But then Funker Vogt have never been afraid of potentially offending the stuck-up parts of society and have always stayed true to the motto: „Ich scheiߒ auf euch und das, was in der Zeitung steht“ (= “I don’t give a shit about you and what the papers say” – from “Mein Weg”.) Henceforth, this time around, they are even more outspoken on what they believe needs to be said. It goes without saying that the band has not forgotten how to produce a fat sound and how to write ultra-catchy melodies, either… quite to the contrary, as the “ass-kicking anthem”-factor on this album is as high as never before. “Companion In Crime” goes straight into your head and your body and takes no prisoners. The album is released as a regular album CD and as a deluxe double CD version with a bonus disc containing more hit-laden Electro-projectiles from the recording sessions that did not fit into the big scheme of the main release itself.
Out 28-06-2013
Source:Out Of Line

De/Vision - Strange Ways, 4CD Box

BilledeThis very fair priced 4CD Box-Set contains the first 3 albums, that appeared on the German
Strange Ways Records label (Wolfsheim, Beborn Beton, Goethe Erben, Carlos Peròn…) in completely remastered quality:
- World Without End
- Unversed In Love
- Fairyland?
- extra CD
Featuring selected Bonusmaterial from the respective singles on Strange Ways.

De/Vision’s debut album ‘World without End’ in 1994 was following a number of self-produced singles and tapes and also features the first single ‘Try to Forget’ on Strangeways (1993). The album was an instant success in the scene and also included the single ‘Dinner without Grace’, released after the album. The new remastered Version in this box features 5 bonus-tracks, taken from the singles ‘Try to forget’ and ‘Dinner without Grace’. It was with the following singles ‘Love me Again’, ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Dress me when I bleed’ and the album ‘Unversed in Love’ (1995) that the band found their big breakthrough in Germany and all over Europe. Frankly: I firmly believe that ‘Unversed in Love’ is still one of the best
synth-pop albums of all times and even after 18 years I don’t get tired of listening to it. ‘Fairyland?’ was the last album released on Strangeways and featured the singles ‘Sweet Life’
and ‘I regret’ – both highly successful, but not really ‘my cup of tea’… The remastered version of ‘Fairyland?’ comes with 5 remixes, taken from the two singles.
The Bonus-CD features additional tracks, taken from various singles and EPs released in the Strange Ways Years and all deleted for many years.
The Box features a total of 52 Tracks, many of them unavailable for very long, and at a very fair price! A must not only for fans of De/Vision but all lovers of quality electropop!
Out 21-06-2013

.com/kill - .com/kill

BilledeSince 1996, Diary Of Dreams have been busy behind the scenes, working on a secret side project. A project that was never accomplished though. The time never seemed to be right, and the main focus was always laid on the leviathan Diary Of Dreams. But now, things are about to change: Adrian Hates and Gaun:A have broken their chains and expanded the borders of their musical works to make room for another creation: .Com/Kill is coming, so much is for sure & and it won't take long... Of course there are moments where .Com/Kill's musical legacy will flare up, and yet, the project is dominated by elements and songs which couldn't be more different from the mother ship DoD. Phrases, fragments and voodoo-like rhythms attack the stunned listener, pounding furiously like a horde of wild note storms. The going is unusually rough, hard and intense, promising lots of delights for the club world. And .Com/Kill is much more than a side project - it is a second musical universe, a second home for the redirected and unfiltered words and sounds from the unconsciousness of a creative duo, renowned for their ability to let music become a soundtrack for your head. So be patient for just a little longer & .Com/Kill is coming to the club, to the stage and to your head.

Kirlian Camera - Black Summer Choirs

BilledeKirlian Camera return with one of the most ambitious efforts that the Italian cult group has recorded to date. “Black Summer Choirs” is a unique sonic experience, the group’s “black album”, a perfect fusion of fragile tension, melancholy gloom, magnificent Pop moments, cinematic soundscapes and powerful electronics… an album that will draw you in and captivate you from the start.
Have you ever experienced the sensation that being at a special place at a special time feels so overwhelming and surreal that it leaves a lasting impression on you and your life? On “Black Summer Choirs”, Italian cult group Kirlian Camera takes you to such a place. Elena Alice Fossi and Angelo Bergamini are plunging the listener head first into a multifaceted sonic universe of adventurous sound designs, hypnotic electronic beats, anthemic melodies and cinematic darkness on one of the most complex and intense experiences of their career. The band masterfully intertwines grand scale Pop moments with experimental gloom and beat-driven Electronica with intimate chamber music, all the while breathing that irresistible aura of grandeur that the band is famous and loved for, giving Elena Alice Fossi the perfect vehicle for delivering some of her most powerful and gripping vocal performances, ever. Thus, “Black Summer Choirs” becomes one of the most daring ventures into unexplored territory that Kirlian Camera have ever attempted while still retaining all of the group’s trademark ingredients that have earned the group a faithful and ever growing fan following around the world. Produced by Elena Alice Fossi along with top producer John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, HIM, Radiohead, Cocteau Twins, etc.), the new album also features a large scale sound befitting of the monumental structures. Balancing the tight rope between subversive Pop music, Trip Hop, Neofolk, modern club Electronica, Soundtrack and pure art, Kirlian Camera’s “black album” never ceases to impress.
Out 17-05-2013
Source: Out Of Line

Ah Cama-Sotz

Billede“Covering the Orient, the Middle-East, Western culture, the Unknown and the Unspoken” – the perfect subtitle for Ah Cama-Sotz’ 2013 album, which covers all of these aspects, summarizing and enhancing all which has made this project a prime act in the Post Industrial scene in the past two decades.
Ah Cama-Sotz is known as the brainchild of Belgian musician Herman Klapholz, well respected in both, the darker and the more rhythm-geared Industrial scenes.
Celebrating its 20th anniversary, ACS can look back on a string of praised releases and a large number
of acclaimed live performances. After three selfreleased albums, “Obsession Diabolique” also marks
the return to the HANDS label, and it sure is an appropriate gift for the occasion.
“Obsession Diabolique” covers the entire range of musical styles ACS has explored throughout its career, from noisy collages over dark drones to electronic beats and distorted rhythms.
“The Orient and the Middle-East” have always been a fertile source of inspiration for ACS, and this album contains a number of pieces based on organic rhythm patterns and ethnic chanting.
Herman Klapholz manages to cover the past and the present of the Ah Cama-Sotz sound and reach out to the future, integrating timeless atmospheres and contemporary rhythm patterns, all with a trademark sound. A multifaceted album suited for novices as well as seasoned ACS followers.
Out Soon!
Source: Hands Productions