DIVE “Where Do We Go From Here?”

There is nothing wrong with a Kraut-Rock work with the participation of the great Dirk Ivens, but then there is hardly anything better than an honest album by DIVE. On December 11, 2020 – a good three years after Underneath – it will be that time again: With Where Do We Go From Here? the Belgian really hits the gas and sometimes goes off the beaten track.

Where Do We Go From Here… this song rings something? Right, the 1994 album by Suicide Commando contained a track of the same name, on which Dirk Ivens was a guest singer. And what a one! Menacing, clinical, cold and noisy. According to his announcement, the upcoming DIVE album is going in exactly this direction for a long time. From there on, the man, who wrote electronic music history with Absolute Body Control and The Klinik before founding DIVE, breaks new ground:
“For this album, I teamed up with Jan Dewulf from Your Life On Hold and Disconnected, and new collaborations are leading to us new sounds ”, says the master, for whom this collaboration shouldn’t be all that new: 2006 was with Frozenan EP has already been released that DIVE had released in coproduction with Disconnected.

Be that as it may – the Out Of Line label announces a masterpiece on which the beats are even more brutal, the soundscapes even darker and the vocals even more haunting. A fat produced but difficult to digest chunk, for whose shape there are reasons, as Dirk Ivens says: “The world in which we live will never be the same again. But even if it looks hopeless, we try to keep a positive attitude. ” There is

room for some light on Where Do We Go From Here? , which will be released on CD and as a limited wooden box (gear artwork for a real fan heartbeat!) with CD, vinyl and 4-track bonus vinyl EP including a remix by Numb, then probably as well. DIVE 2020: Play at maximum volume!