Time: 21,00 (Doors Opens) - 03.00
Venue: Lygten Station

Club Braincorp. is back after our longest break ever, due to pandemic and the corona restrictions it haven´t been possible for us to do any events. Hopefully we´re back for good, we´re ready to start again, so welcome to Club Braincorp. the re-opening.
We begin with two amazing bands from Denmark our Industrial/EBM king Leæther Strip who will treat us with a lot of songs from his highly acclaimed album from 1992″Solitary Confinement” which have 30th year anniversary, one of the best Industrial/EBM albums ever released in Scandinavia.
This time We have Mirland playing as special guest who will provide us with some great danceable Industrial Techno. This event will without a doubt be a blast.

Leæther Strip:
Leæther Strip a.k.a Claus Larsen was formed in 1989 and afterwards Leæther Strip got signed to the famous label Zoth Ommog were he released his first 12inch Vinyl “Japanese Bodies”. The debut album “Pleasure Of Penetration” was released in 1989. Leæther Strip got established really fast as one of the biggest Industrial/EBM acts in the world. Through the years Leæther Strip have released a lot of amazing albums, his latest album “Back To Industry” shows that Leæther Strip is still making great music.
Finally Leæther Strip is back in Copenhagen after 3 years of hiatus, last time he played here was at the venue Salen were Cryo played a long. Leæther Strip is back to present his latest
album “Back To Industry” and a lot of song from the 30th year anniversary album “Solitary Confiment” beside we will get a lot of Leæther Strip´s famous club hits! We look forward
to have Leæther Strip back in Copenhagen. As always Leæther Strip will deliver a kick ass show!

This time Mirland is the opening act. Mirland is well known for all his musical work as producer, composer and artist. Mirland his known for the corporation with Claus Larsen, the acts Am Tierpark, Mirland / Larsen, and his own projects M73 and Mirland.
As the act Mirland he has released 3 albums, the 4th album called “Compromise Is Defeat” is out soon, an album that really shows that Mirland has develop from making good IDM to make amazing Industrial Techno with influences from acts like Orphx, Rhys Fulber, Monolith and more. There´s no doubt that it will be great to see Mirland live here in Copenhagen!

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