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The Club

Club Braincorp.

Club Braincorp. was created in 2005, after Brian left Club Metropolis and decided that he wanted to continue on his own. At this point of time Martin joined Club Braincorp. and since then they have been working together for over 9 years now. In the beginning Club Braincorp. had a tight alliance with Jens and Jesper from Club Stahlwerk and they did a lot of memorable concerts and parties together. In march 2008 Club Braincorp. felt like they wanted to try something new and the two clubs separated and now do each their events.


In Club Braincorp. we always do our best to make sure our guests have a lot of great memories when they are on their way home and we hope that people will return and support the scene as often as they can.

Club Braincorp. are run by the following people.


aka DJ Brain

Brian has been promoting and worked for this scene for a long, long time, where he created the now retired Club Metropolis, a great club, who has done a lot for the scene. Many thought Brian would stop after he left Metropolis, but he is back and better then ever, together with the other members of Club Braincorp. he continues to make sure the scene never dies in Denmark. There is no doubt that there would be no industrial scene without Brian. Brian takes care of the promotion, booking and the webshop.


aka DJ Orlando

Orlando joined Club Braincorp. a couple of years ago. He plays as DJ and helps a lot at the events, especially with a lot of technical stuff, where he does a tremendous job, actually we can´t understand how we could run the club before he joined us. Today he is a very important person in the club who really works his ass off. Beside that Orlando takes part of the decisions in the club.



Malene has been around Brian for a long, long time. She takes care of some of the catering and helps at the events. Malene also helps a lot with the promotional stuff. She does a great deal of work for the club, without knowing it.


Stoffer is a very old friend of Brian. They have known each other for many decades. Stoffer joined Club Braincorp. in the Autumn 2008. Stoffer is the guy who is behind all the graphic parts for Braincorp. like: flyers, banners, and other graphic things.


For many years Troels have been an amazing help at our events, he has always been a great help at the doors, set-up stuff, buying catering, somehow he is the secret member of Braincorp.

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