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Absolute Body Control
A New Dawn
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    Cevin Key
    "Resonance "

    The brand new album from the Skinny Puppy mastermind Cevin Key will see the daylight in the middle of February . Featuring cooperation with IAMX, Edward Kaspel fromLegendary Pink Dots, and others. Resonance will be released on double blue vinyl and digipack CD.
    1. Thirteen 04:43
    2. Night Flower (with Edward KaSpel) 05:52
    3. Anger is an Acid (with IAMX) 04:28
    4. Orange Dragonfly
    5. Thunderbird
    6. Dark Trail (with IAMX)
    7. Tomahawk (with Traz Damji)
    8. Kullakan (with Soriah)
    9. Watching You (with Edward KaSpel)
    10.Sorry, I'm Going to Think Positive
    11.Third Eye (with Otto von Schirach)

dkk 220/eur 30