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Modern Cults
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      Ah Cama-Sotz
      "Exorcise - Murder Themes 3"

      After the sensual downbeat fantasy “State of Mind,” Ah Cama-Sotz releases a full dark ambient album that’s widely devoid of rhythm: A meticulously crafted hour of music that may well serve as an exorcism. Electronic sounds and synthetic strings paint a sonorous background, cryptic samples and angelic choirs conjure up the enigmatic. For the dark-minded, this promises highly cinematic entertainment, purification in eleven movements.
      01 Absterge
      02 Eukaryon
      03 Resistor
      04 Burnside
      05 Diaspore
      06 Blessing
      07 Cicatrix
      08 sogonal
      09 Deceiver
      10 Demonize
      11 Epsomite

    dkk 120/eur 16